Our Ethos

There’s more to us than meets the eye. Behind every agency deal, managed property, loan security valuation or reviewed rent we have a team of people with shared aims guided by our principles.

That’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

We believe that providing common sense, practical advice is more use to our clients than us being able to prove that we’re bigger or better than our competitors. The fact that we’ve been around in our current format since 1990 (and even earlier if you count the Wells Cundall connection) means that we must be doing something right.

We have seen how unnecessary bureaucracy in others can delay transactions, frustrate deals and cost clients money. We want to help shape the future, not delay its inception, and think that the best way of doing this is to practice what we preach. We empower our staff to make decisions and we support the decisions they make. What’s the point of asking someone to do something and then overruling them? We’re open about it too, after all why hide something we’re proud of?

We believe that by getting involved in local issues we can improve our understanding of the wider local, regional and national economy. That’s why we sit on committees with officers from the local authority, that’s why we put forward suggestions that others might think are pie in the sky or off the wall and that’s why we keep plugging away in our core areas of East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire. 

This approach means that our clients take us into their confidence, they share with us their plans for the future, their financial information and what they want to achieve by instructing us. We take our role seriously. Through dealing with agency enquiries, lease renewal negotiations and acquisition searches we might know half the area’s business plans. 

In short, our role is about providing practical property solutions to clients and customers - so that’s what we do.

“We empower our staff to make decisions and we support the decisions they make”

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