Scotts Property LLP report the sale of land totalling c. 1.2 acres sold to Whites Skip Hire. Matthew Tomlinson commented ‘The speed in which this transaction took to complete is encouraging and refreshing. We worked closely with the purchaser and their professionals to ensure the deal completed within a couple of weeks. Both Alan and William are clearly driven individuals with skip loads of enthusiasm'. The father and son business was established 5 years ago just before the recession took hold. The land has been acquired for business expansion purposes which is likely to result in a number of further jobs being created. The company currently located off Chamberlain Road is involved with a range of activities including  landscaping products, recycling and reclamation. Alan White commented ‘We were impressed with the promptness of the sale, service and attention to detail received from Scotts. For business expansion reasons we needed to complete on the sale with some urgency and this was fully recognised and appreciated by Scotts from the outset