Protect your property’s value and avoid unfair repair costs

When a property falls into disrepair, a Schedule of Dilapidations details the items liable for repair by a tenant under the terms of the lease and has benefits for both landlord and tenant – so it’s essential that it’s done correctly.

Supporting you throughout 

If you’re a landlord who needs someone to prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations, or a tenant looking for support in understanding one – our team are on hand to help.

From identifying which items need to be repaired, to establishing which party is responsible, we can act on behalf of either landlord or tenant by making sure the schedule is fair, reflects any Schedule of Condition that might have been prepared and that the terms of any contract are followed.

With years of experience, supporting both landlords and tenants, we provide professional and impartial advice to help implement the necessary measures to get the best possible outcomes.

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