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A Schedule of Condition acts as a factual and complete record of the condition of the property before the lease term commences.  The benefits are twofold.  First, it identifies any pre-existing defects and repair costs, limiting the tenant’s liability for those repairs; second, it provides a baseline for a landlord regarding the minimum state of repair the tenant should maintain at the premises.

This helps both parties know where they stand, and the expected condition of the property at the end of a lease.

A Schedule of Condition can be used as evidence at the end of a lease to establish who is responsible for dilapidations and can also serve as protection from disputes, court action and financial loss.

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Whether you’re a landlord or tenant – we are experienced in preparing Schedules of Condition and can advise you on your options should you need one, or if you have already been sent one.

With our help, you can avoid costly dilapidations disputes and feel safe in the knowledge you have protected your interests.

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