New café with comical name serving traditional homemade food set to open in Cleethorpes

Café Banjo has a unique meaning behind its name - it will open on Market Street in the coming weeks

Café Banjo will be situated on Market Street, Cleethorpes

A new café with a comical meaning behind its name and offering the very best of traditional British food is opening in the heart of Cleethorpes.

Situated on Market Street, the new eatery is set to open in the coming weeks and will offer a range of homemade comfort food dishes, from full English breakfasts to pie and chips, sandwiches, paninis and classic-style desserts.

Former care home assistant Emma Lane, 41, was inspired by her partner Allan to name her business 'Café Banjo' in reference to eating a breakfast "banjo" bun.

Explaining the unique name choice, she told Grimsby Live: "Our bacon and egg buns will be called Banjo Buns - that's what we called them when we were kids, because when you take a bite of the sandwich and the runny egg bursts, sometimes you'll get it straight in your mouth and sometimes it goes straight down your top.

"Then when you're holding the bun in one hand and wiping yourself with the other, it looks like you're playing the banjo."

Market Street, Cleethorpes

Emma said opening a café is something she has wanted to do since being young.

"I've wanted to do it since I was really young, I've talked about it so many times and even created my own little recipes of what I would make, and one day I just thought, 'I'm not getting any younger so let's go for it'," she said.

"It's going to be a traditional English café with traditional breakfast and lunch options. Everything will be homemade and there will be kids' meals and vegetarian options, because we wanted to cater to everybody.

"The dishes will be things we used to eat when we were growing up so it will be really nice to bring that back again, and not everyone likes fish and chips, so we wanted to bring something a bit different.

"Appearance-wise, I'm putting my own spin on it. It's not going to look like one of those plastic chair, greasy spoon cafés, but it's not going to look like a bistro, either. I've spent the last three months getting everything together and I can't wait to get started."

Café Banjo is due to open in the coming weeks.

Taken from Grimsby Live