The team from Scotts had an early start on Sunday, 13th September, when we all assembled at the Hull office to set up and operate Relay Station 1 in the 2015 Hull Marathon.

After starting at the Wilberforce memorial, the marathon route went east and then came back through Hull City Centre, passing the front of our office, before heading over the Humber Bridge and then back into the City Centre to finish at Queens Gardens.

The organisers had realised that not everyone wants to run the full 26 miles and so also had a relay event for teams of 4.  Relay Station 1 was immediately outside our Hull office and we decided to do our bit to support the event and volunteered to run the relay station - hence the early start.  With a full team assembled by 7 am (no one usually gets into the office this early!) we pulled on our hi-viz jackets and, after much lifting of cones, shifting of barriers, erection of gazebos and sorting out of goody bags, we were ready for the start of the race at 9 am.

The Relay Station was at 6 miles and the first runner came through 35 minutes after the starting gun had been fired.

It was then a steady stream of competitors and we are pleased to say that everything went smoothly.  From directing the runners to the Relay Station, ensuring that the next runner knew their team mate was coming in, logging the time that the runners crossed the line, changing over the wrist band (which had to be passed between runners), awarding the medals, handing out the goody bags, passing over refreshments and generally dealing with tired and sweaty runners, the whole Scotts team worked together extremely well.

And then by 10.30 am it was all over!  We took down the gazebo, stacked the cones, shifted the barriers, took off the high viz jackets and went off to enjoy the rest of the day.  We even had a chance to watch some of the runners cross the finish line.

It was great to be part of the success of the Hull Marathon, congratulations to everyone who competed, whether the full marathon or the relay.  We're pleased that by working together as a team we were able to play a small part in a great day.  Who knows, next time rather than staffing the relay station some of us might be running the marathon.

Watch this space!