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New 4D, gender reveal and early baby scan business coming to Scartho

Numi Scan will open on Louth Road

A new baby scan centre offering a range of services will soon open in Scartho.

Run by husband and wife team Tom and Emily Bishop, Numi Scan will open on Louth Road in the home of the former Barclays Bank. The business will offer 4D scans, early scans and gender reveals amongst a number of other things for expectant parents.

The pair felt the local area needed something like this after going for a similar scan in Lincoln for their fourth child where they discovered an issue with her kidneys. Now, the two of them hope to offer a professional, local service for parents who don't want to travel to the likes of Doncaster and Lincoln for an early scan.

Emily, who will be managing the venue, said: "We have our own children and I've worked in care previously and we both felt there was a need for something like this in our local area. We wanted to fill that gap ourselves so we decided to open a Numi Scan.

"At Grimsby hospital, there are no scans before 12 weeks and you can't have an early scan unless it's medically necessary. On top of that, we know how important these places can be. We discovered our fourth child had a kidney problem during one of these scans and she's now had an operation and we're monitoring how she goes."

The building was once a bank and also a gym. However, besides inheriting a safe, the couple have also had to do some major repair works. "When we came in there was no floor in some rooms and a number of holes in the wall. It's been a big project to get it to where it is now, but we've pretty much done it all ourselves since starting work in February," said Emily.

"It's nice to look at the place and know we've done almost all of it ourselves." With their opening day just around the corner, Tom and Emily are excited to welcome people through the door. She said: "I'm feeling quite excited about opening. It's been a long process, with 16 weeks worth of applications for various things."

Tom added: "We're just happy to be ready to go now." Since announcing their imminent opening, which will be later this month, people have already tried booking an appointment. Emily said: "When we speak to people, they keep asking when we're going to open and if they can book in yet.

"People seem to be really thankful that we're coming here." Tom said: "It feels good to give the community a positive service." Looking ahead, the pair are hoping to make a success of their business as more and more people start to use them.

"We just want to be busy and get customers from all over the place, not just the Scartho and Grimsby. We will also look to offer more services in time, on top of things like heart beep bears and gender reveal cannons."

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