A Responsible Business

At Scotts, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Working in a sustainable manner wherever possible and constantly looking for ways to improve our business practices, we have clear policies designed to minimise the impact of our operations.


We actively encourage, promote and practice recycling across all our operations. In addition to making full use of local authority recycling schemes, we take all other waste to dedicated recycling facilities wherever possible, in an effort to minimise the amount that enters landfill.


Scotts are committed to cutting the emissions associated with transport. When planning property visits, we look for maximum efficiency routes and cut out unnecessary journeys wherever we can. We promote car sharing, and staff are encouraged to walk, cycle or take public transport to appointments throughout the working day.

Communication and paper reduction

Our office teams are constantly looking for ways to minimise paper usage and waste. Customer communication and record-keeping is digital wherever possible, minimising paper documentation and unnecessary printing. Ultimately, our aim is to move towards a paperless office environment.

Carbon reduction

We are conscious of our carbon footprint, and are consistently looking for ways to minimise the environmental impact of our business. From cutting energy use and eliminating unnecessary journeys, to looking at the efficiency of our vehicles – our business is working towards a more sustainable future.

For additional information about the Scotts environmental policy, please get in touch today.